Retail Price List W.E.F. 22.02.2011

  Item Detail Rate
1 Lloyd Gypsum  111 Waterproof  White Cement  Based  Gypsum Rs.350.00 / 25 Kg. Bag
2 Lloyd Gypsum  222 Waterproof  Grey  Cement  Based  Gypsum Rs. 300.00/25 Kg.Bag
3 Lloyd Gypsum  333 Perlite  Based  100 %  Pure  Natural  Gypsum Rs. 175.00 /25 Kg. Bag
4 Lloyd Gypsum  444 Vermiculite  Based 100 % Pure  Natural  Gypsum Rs. 165.00 / 25Kg.Bag
5 Lloyd Gypsum  555 Stucco  Plaster Rs.135.00/20 Kg.Bag
6 Lloyd Gypsum 666 SBR  Bonding  Agent  Rs. 250.00 / Litre
  Techno-Commercial Notes:
Minimum order quantity is 10 Ton i.e. 1 Truckload.
Above mentioned rates includes VAT & Transportation upto Mumbai. Rates are fixed & non negotiable
Unloading & Mathadi / Warai charges, if any, as may be applicable, shall be borne by the Clients
Payment shall be 100% advance in ICICI bank account no. 145705500111 of “ Mr. Girish P. Joshi “
Delivery shall take around 6 – 7 days, after receiving credit of advance payment, into our bank account
VAT invoice shall be couriered to the site address, directly from the manufacturer
Our products are not manufactured from phospho - gypsum, as is the case with most market product.
Payment shall be refunded in full, if this claim is proved false in any laboratory test.
Waterproof products are suitable & recommended for outdoor application & are 100% UV resistant
Direct application of Gypsum over masonary is recommended for better cost economics & performance
Lloyd Superbond is recommended for overhead ceiling application in 25 mm + thick applications
Lloyd Superbond is recommended to be premised with dosing water @ 250 ml./Bag of Gypsum
Labour application assignments too are undertaken for Rs. 11.00 / Sq,Ft. , For Min. 10,000 Sq.Ft. area
All products are non shrink type & are recommended for thicker applications in unlevelled masonary
Our products exclude the need for applying any wall putty to obtain finely finished wall or ceiling surfaces
Shelf life of our products is ordinarily 50 days, from date of delivery on site, in standard dry conditions
Its recommended to maintain standard precautions, like cement , to prevent ingress of moisture in bags
Normally 12 mm application thk. for internal walls & 18 mm thickness for external walls is recommended
25 kg. Gypsum 444 with 12.5 Litres water = 24.50 L. of Wet volume mix , Gives 21 Sq.Ft. @ 12mm Thk.
Kindly call on our technical experts to explain our product features & their varied applications etc.